We are A group of dedicated indivduals. We love to learn, explore and sail the ocean.


Johan Brand

Johan is a creative technology entrepreneur based in Oslo, Norway. Known as a visionary and an agitator, he connects ideas and people to act as a catalyst for innovation. He initiated EntrepreneurShipOne as a project to enable people to protect our oceans - by falling in love through the experience of sailing, a social activity with zero emissions, working with the elements. 

Christine Spiten

Christine is the Co-founder of Blueye Robotics. A global rising star that lives on her sailboat in the Oslo fjord. She is an engineer, ocean advocate, competitive sailor, explorer and forever curious on life and people.


Sindre Østgård

Sindre lives on the edge of the Oslofjord. He is a strategist with a passion for technologies that disrupt society. He is a seasoned executive in media companies, and lead the digital transformation of NRK, but now his using his experience at the core of the Norwegian startup ecosystem. 


Marcus Devold Soknes

Marcus is an explorer and adventurer, both at sea and around the entrepreneurial scene in Norway. Founder of Norways largest boat licence academy and boat brands has made him steady at the helm. When we are all on board Marcus loves to prepare todays catch in Peruvian style, bringing a flavour of Piscoteket to EntrepreneurShipOne.


Kate Moloney
Crew Designer

Kate is the strategic designer onboard EntrepreneurShipOne, responsible for our profile. It’s safe to say that Kate doesn’t like to sit still. She is driven by curiosity and ambition. Guided by the ocean and creative inclinations, everything she does is with purpose and vision. Taking control of the winds and blowing where they take her. 


Sondre Sommerfelt
Crew writer

The Intellectual Sailor, not only does he navigate the seas with a conservative, yet liberal attitude to rules, customs and knowledge, he has damn fine pen. A sharp critic of our generation, and known a long the coast for his well developed sarcasm. Sondre is our trusted wordsmith, and his xVoyage guide "A Lost Sailors Guide to Windy Copenhagen" is one not to miss.