Deep Search

'Pioneer' by blueye is our very own underwater drone. it gives us eyes underwater, to a depth of 150 meters. Blueye is one of norway's up-and-coming tech companies, leveraging the heritage and competancy of norwegian subsea technology.

CO-Captain Christine Spiten is Co-founder of Blueye.  



sailing is about working with the elements, so We have installed a 6.0kw oceanvolt system, with a 7.2kw battery bank. we produce energy when we sail through hydrogeneration. it provides us with zero emition propultion when the wind is absent. we call it our iron genoa. 



Our goal is to make the platform available for all. our first ship to join the fleet is Galactic Viking, a 60-foot VENDÉE GLOBE RACER racer. Captain Bjørn Lindgren shares our passion and knows, just like us, that we stand stronger together when we are faced with the unknown!



We believe that electric aeroplanes will become part of our sustainable future. So why not build a High Performance Hybrid Amphibious Aircraft? 

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